The Second Best Mojo in the World

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mojos GUACHINERFE has been producing a wide range of traditional recipes for sauces from the Canary Islands (mojos and almogrote) for nearly 20 years.

any tourist of the close to 13 million that the Canary Islands receives every year, has had a plate of papas arrugas con mojo – with either the green or red version of the sauce – set down in front of him, along with whatever other dishes he ordered at one of the Islands' many bars and restaurants.This distinctive dish is inseparable from the gastronomic culture of the Canary Islands and therefore unavoidable. 

Mojo is a sauce made with oil, vinegar, garlic, cumin and salt. The most popular is the spicy red mojo picón. 


But...where are the "mojos" from? Mojos are a type of traditional sauces from the Canary Islands that can be traced back to the Portuguese immigrants that brought their recipe for "molho" (meaning sauce in Portuguese) with them when they came. What we now know as mojo canario or mojo picón is the derivative of this. Each family has its own mojo recipe, made by mothers and/or grandmothers. In fact, everyone thinks that their mother or grandmother's mojo is the best in the world. This is the reason that those of us here have decided that Mojo GUACHINERFE is the world's 2º best mojo, after your mother's.


From Veldis, We want to transfer that homemade taste that characterizes mojos GUACHINERFE, and that gets thanks to the engagementwith the use of locan and fresh products, including peppers and herbs  (which are also organic).

Now, we offer a video where we show the special emphasis in the use of that excellent raw materials. 

Discover all our varieties, red mojo (mild and spicy), green sauce, cilantro, made with herbs araomaticas, and Almogrote a delicious cheese pate typical from the island of  La Gomera.


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