Our Mojos Guachinerfe, honorable mention for business excellence

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Our Mojos Guachinerfe have been given the honorable mention for business excellence of Canarian prize in the modality of Small Industrial Company by the Ministry of Economy, Industry, Commerce and Knowledge of the Canary Government.

This honorific mention pretends to value customer satisfaction, the proper management of its staff and its commitment to society.

Through this appreciated recognition, the efforts and constant work of the Guachinerfe team are valued and through their innovative capacity and know-how, they get us closer to the delicious and intense flavors of our beloved Canarian lands.

Mojos Guachinerfe guarantees an optimum quality in all its products using only the freshest ingredients and the best technological advances and this, of course, is appreciated in its magnificent flavor.

Congratulations Mojos Guachinerfe!