Mojos Guachinerfe in the Canary Day

Friday, June 3, 2016

Canary Day was held on May 30; a special day in the archipelago. A host of popular activities, folklore and numerous institutional events meetings took place not only to commemorate the history of this people, but also to celebrate their most alive traditions , which keep the Canarian people united.

Therefore, today we would like to dedicate a special space to our Mojos Guachinerfe. Authentic Canarian mojos made with top quality ingredients in order to meet its main goal: to produce a completely traditional mojo sauce.

Due to its careful production and its expansion strategy, the Mojos Guachinerfe have become a product of great international reputation and a sign of Canarian identity abroad. That is why they could not miss the celebrations in the Canary Islands.

Israel Chinea, manager of Mojos Guachinerfe had the pleasure of being interviewed in Tenerife Music Radio. And so, after a tasting of their products among their speakers, they were fascinated and delighted by the taste and variety of them, and more specifically with the Mojonesa, the sauce that combines perfectly mayonnaise and mojo and goes well with an endless dishes.

The varieties of mojos, red and green, spicy and soft and the exquisite pâté cheese Almogrote, continue to delight the palates of European guests who have appreciated the quality of a genuine Canarian product that allows enjoy many recipes to suit all tastes.

And we all know that life with mojos tastes better...