Characteristics and beneficts of quinoa

Thursday, September 8, 2016
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The quinoa is a sheed which belows to quenopodiaceas family, although is considered like a grain. It’s usually called pseudocereal because can be eaten like a cereal and its composition is very similar to them. However, this grain contains more proteins and fat including omega 6 and omega 3 besides some others micronutrients.  

Most of its calories come from complex carbohydrates and also provides 16 grams of proteins and 6 grams of insaturated fats for each 100 grams. The quinoa also contains an important amount of insolute fiber, 15 grams for each 100 grams, besides some nutrients as potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorum, iron, zinc and vitamins B and E.  

Due to its components, the quinoa acts as a good element to prevent some diseases. The quinoa is such an important component of diets to lose weight and also diets for diabetics and gluten intolerant people. Also it’s a powerful element to make the digestion eassier and control the cholesterol levels. For all this, the quinoa is a really good resource for athletes and astronauts because it helps to repair the mucles after the training.  

The quinoa has a tasty flavour and its texture is really soft. It’s really easy to cook and versatile to prepare different plates. It can be used in breakfast as a cereal, for lunch in a vegetables salad, for dinner with meat or fish or even as a dessert with some chocolate. The quinoa is also really helpful to make the hair stronger and can be used as a natural mask with some olive oil. But it’s not only good for yoour health, the quinoa is used for sthetic as well fighting against imperfections or flaccid skin.  

Integral quinoa from Lola quinoa has been produced in a natural way and that’s why is not necessary to clean it before cooking. Lola quinoa also offers a variety of quinoa with spelt, both of them contained in a container with a cap to preserve the quinoa in the best conditions.